Lived or living?

August 14, 2023

The other day someone questioned why we say lived experience rather than living experience. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about this, and linguists may also have an opinion.

Yes, the experiences we have that shape us and in this context haven’t gone anywhere – it is something that is still part of life . Maybe there are situations where it is in the past, is completely done and the lived experience doesn’t need to be ‘managed’ any more.

I know that my lived experience of mental health is something that I am living with everyday and it has various ways of showing up. Someday’s it’s so far in the background it doesn’t even rate, other days its integrated into strategies to get through the day. And somedays its jumps out unexpectedly and shouts from the rooftops, and consequently has a huge impact on daily living and how I can be in the world.

So I would love your thoughts, do we need to say living experience instead of lived experience?

pic from my weekly beach walk with a friend that is great for my mental health in so many ways.