Life can have many twists and turns

December 2, 2023

Something very important was missing last night and we had to acknowledge it. Life can have many twists and turns and it was evident at our Xmas ‘spice girls’ catch up.

We started as colleagues working at the same school in 1999 and even though the four of us are all very different, somehow it works. 

Our spice girl names were created in a dodgy motel room when we ventured to the Barossa for the weekend, many things were discussed, especially the sore point of who would be voted off survivor, watching Wimbledon and dancing to Brittany Spears. That weekend has led to sharing life over the past 24 years.

Through relationships, marriage, births, deaths, significant birthdays, sickness, career changes, new houses, we get together most school holidays for a Spice Girls catch up.

On our twenty-year anniversary, it was a three-day ‘retreat’ where we hardly came up for air – it was then to become an annual event. Little did we know that last year at Middleton was more precious than we knew.. 

There is now an empty seat at the table and it turns out that ‘give a shit’ spice did in fact give a shit. The person who was never getting married has the most beautiful husband and 3 children, the PE teacher would become an incredible artist and that the chief renovator, competitive games player, champion cheese platter maker, shopping guru, and her ‘that’s bullshit’ and laughter would be missed so much. 

While our last Spice Girls meeting was something that we never imagined, the afternoon in the sun sharing stories and feeling the presence of one another is something I will cherish forever. You even managed a bit of singing c’mon baby one more time! 

We miss you, you are still felt in my days, thank you. We will always speak of you at our catch ups even though we have to organise them now! You are loved and the empty space is felt.

Something that makes us smile is that you gave us all the most incredible shower gel last Christmas, now we can’t use anything else and it’s hilarious that we all think of you every morning when we are in the shower!

What started out as colleagues, has led to an incredible connection and respect between us all.
The end of year is filled with many thoughts, reflections and connections to our experiences, it is important to honour the losses, the challenges, the celebrations and what you need to process, connect, share and feel. 

Life certainly happens and please recognise that it is rich with our humanness.