Lets the song take you over

Ignite Life
January 7, 2014

Ignite Life for this week features a movie that sticks out in my mind from the past couple of years, not only for the story about accepting difference but a couple of scenes in particular.

The Intouchables is a touching story of two very different people who change each other’s lives. The music of Earth, Wind and Fire features in both of the scenes and being a closet disco lover it is any wonder that these are the scenes featured in Ignite Life tonight.

Music is the avenue that gives voice to many an issue, whether listening, watching, playing, dancing, writing lyrics or performing. It is a language that speaks to people in so many ways.

The featured scenes evoke something about getting into the groove and embodying all that the music has to offer. I love it when a song takes over and you are totally in the moment and can’t help but move or sing out loud , little children are particularly good at this.

So the task for this week (apart from watching the movie if you haven’t already) is to be aware of music around you – when you hear a song that you really like, turn the dial full bore, dance and sing your heart out – both will be great for the soul.

Who knows it might make going to the supermarket just that little bit more fun!