Lets talk about the F Word

Ignite Life
June 28, 2015

fear2Sometimes fear has a funny way of rearing its head. Yes it when we are scared of something like snakes, public speaking or heights but it can work on many levels. That chatter inside our head, whether we are aware of it or not can go a long way to having us stop in our tracks, have us running away from a situation or bringing our defensiveness to the fore.

Fear certainly has a place in our lives. It is a protector from danger, but what if it is so protective that we are so restricted from living life or shining our true selves. There can be a perception that fear is about failure but more and more I see a fear of success being the thing that holds people back. It like there is a massive wall that gets in the way and its very hard to climb over it or break it down so that you can get to the other side. What if it was as easy as walking around it? what if the wall is just an illusion and it can be stepped through with ease?

I must admit, there has been some stuff happening for me around this lately. I have had this program developed for a long time and its going to be very different to what the art therapy world has seen before. It will make therapy accessible to people all over the world but I get to a certain point where the fear has me frozen in my tracks. I know deep within me that it’s a great thing to do, I know that people want to feel more confident, let go of the past and step into a brighter future no matter where they are. I know that it has to happen now, but the paralysis of action is wearing a bit thin.

I want to tell the fear where to go and do it anyway, what have I got to lose. Instead there is a dialogue that goes a little something like this

What will the art therapy world think?

What if no one signs up

Who am I to think I can do this?

What if people copy the program?

Can I handle the idea of people seeing me online, bags under my eyes and all?

Am I just pushing the boundary too far?

What if it’s a disaster…

What if they don’t get value?

The list goes on.

And you know what, I just need to get to of my own way and just do it.

I am a very experienced therapist and believe that my purpose in life is to share this golden thing called art therapy with the world. I need to make it happen as I know that the value in reflection on your life is priceless and the cost of continuing the way it is, is huge. I know that I can bash down some of the barriers in having access to therapy so they can find themselves and live the best possible life they can. I know that that I am flexible to go where my clients need to go, I know that some are seeking a community as they are very isolated. I know that this could be really successful and I will need to find a way to make it happen more and I trust that the learning that happens along the way is leading somewhere even more brilliant.

Oh woow all of that is sitting there too. The struggle with fear is one interesting ride.

Thank you fear for thinking that I can’t do this but you need to help me when I need you. I love that you are cautious and protective and give the nervous energy to make sure I am on the ball and aware of what I am doing. But its time to hold your hand, close my eyes and jump anyway. Yes, it may be a disaster but I am willing to take the risk… what if we are holding back from something that really makes a difference. You will still be my friend but instead of holding me back, lets propel forward together to be different, innovative and free.

I wonder how fear is with you?

This week we will also meet Sadness, Joy, disgust and anger, this is going to be one interesting week full of emotions and totally inspired by the movie Inside Out – have you seen it yet?

Til we meet again, take care of you


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