Let you shine through…

Ignite Life
March 30, 2014

This weeks theme for Ignite Life is a reflection on how easy it is to keep ourselves small. I am going to be pretty straight to the point as it is something that is continuously explored in art therapy – so much so that I am developing a workshop around it.

I wonder what makes our bright shining light become dimmer, sometimes so dim that we barely have any confidence at all. Is it that we continuously compare ourselves to others, that we can never be picture perfect like in magazines or on TV? Is it that there is a little angel and devil sitting on each shoulder talking to us constantly and the devil dominates the conversation? Do ‘shoulds’ dominate our world and when we are not doing what is expected (from ourselves and others) we hide rather than shine. Maybe we have too higher expectations of ourselves and need everything to be unrealistically perfect. Maybe it’s a tall poppy thing as there are shining lights everywhere that are being pulled down rather than praised. Is it that we put ourselves last and believe that others needs are more important than our own? There are many reasons for lack of confidence and you would be surprised at what is behind peoples mask even when they appear to have it all together.

Whether you are frozen with the fear of failure, have the message that you are not worthy of success or you appear confident on the outside but are quietly packing your dacks on the inside – the workshop I am developing is for you. We will take a look at the things that keep our light dim, and alter them so that you can unlock your confidence and look in the direction of the bright shining light that you are. Details are being finalised but if you are interested in receiving more info please comment below or email me at Belinda.ryan75@gmail.com

Aside from this shameless plug, I ask that the focus this week is to take steps to make your light brighter. Tell the devil sitting on your shoulder where to go and let all the great things about you shine through. Have a week of doing what you want to do rather than what is expected. I guess its about being unapologetically yourself and allowing yourself to shine.

Have a week where the light glows brightly