Lessons in Nepal

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May 20, 2024

This first pic was not the image I was expecting on my trip to Nepal.

I needed to go to discover something, and being in hospital was not in the plan.

Nepal is an incredible place, chaos with gentleness, simplicity, layers with spirituality & experiences that are hard to capture. We met inspiring innovators, forward thinkers & meaningful examples of purpose beyond self, not to mention being in the company of incredible fellow travellers.

The experience of driving the dusty narrow roads on the edge of mountain providing an opportunity for trust, being deep in nature had many moments of awe & breathing freely (when I wasn’t climbing a hill) and being welcomed into a home in a village where the holding hands, sharing, food & connection went beyond speaking the same language.

At the end of walking across the mountain for the day I could hardly move or speak- the last km being the toughest, especially when you see the end in sight. I thought how the heck am I going to be able to move tomorrow? Waking the next morning I felt great. Maybe the altitude got into my cells, my body was good, no blisters on my feet and I was surprised at how energised I felt. A good reminder things can be different to what we anticipate.

A couple of days later my big toes started to hurt with some redness spreading gradually. I wasn’t too worried and thought I just needed some strong antiseptic and some different antibiotics and I will be good to go. I will spare you all the details. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of care, accessibility and attention to detail in a developing country hospital. Because they didn’t have the story of working with me to gently get me on board like the Australian doctors who have been working with me – the reality check hit hard and it’s hard to admit, it was necessary.

So here I was travelling to Nepal to find a part of myself that I had lost, to be curious, be challenged, look for new perspectives and discover something that was unknown. And it all came down to looking after self, not just physically but emotionally, psychologically, meaningfully and spiritually.

It’s about the people you surround yourself with, what environments you are in, how you are seen, acknowledged & heard. What has you feeling drained or filled up, what expectations need to be shifted, boundaries put in place and needs to be put down or shared? What opens you up, where do you feel you and how you receive? So many considerations and questions that seem simple but in reality can be complex to meet your needs.

And as Tshering Lama said on the first night – sometimes the biggest mountain we have to climb is ourselves and the space between our head and our heart.

Here’s to lessons, growth, life experiences and self-awareness happening in the most unexpected places.

Thank you Katrina Webb-Denis PLY OAM Ali Villani and Lead x Nepal team for walking with us all to discover, feel, connect, have space on an experience that is still brewing and will continue to inform