Just do it

Ignite Life
November 3, 2014

Have you written the date lately? On Saturday I had a moment of how the hell did that happen. Its November already and you can’t escape that the new year is approaching. This is a great time to reflect on what has happened this year and start getting wish lists together for 2105.

My initial thoughts were holy crap I had so many things that I wanted to get going this year and have only done a portion. Jeepers I can’t really fit much more in this year, so I am just going to have to not let he big fat SHOULD get airtime. That ‘should’ makes me feel like I have achieved nothing or that I am less than cos I should have done this, ought to be doing something or should do that etc. Sometimes we just have to get on with it but other times it is about giving yourself a break or doing a little planning before our desires come to fruition.

There is one thing knowing what you want to achieve, sometimes the tricky bit is the implementation. Sometimes it’s like there is this big fat wall that gets in the way of what you want, or it’s like quicksand the more you try and move fast the more that you sink. It can be that you are scared stiff of what others are going to think or have and sense that you don’t deserve complete happiness or success. Maybe it’s too good to be true and you are waiting for something to go wrong. What ever it is, there are so many things that block us from getting what we want. And that’s the problem. We put the wishes on our vision boards and leave them there. We have no idea on how to take steps towards that dream or how to navigate the bumps in the road, we just know that we want it.

What I think is important is to meet those blocks and take their power away so that we can step toward (or run full pelt) at what we want with a clear path, hurdles that don’t see like mountains anymore and blockages that melt away.

I am not saying its easy to this but I think there are a few things that can help us get what we want. We need to keep moving rather than staying stuck. No matter how slowly or quickly we move, even if it’s a millimetre of stepping towards that dream that’s a good thing.

We also need to determine why we are wanting to go in a particular direction. What is our meaning and purpose and stay clear to that as we can sometimes go off on too many tangents – a focus is a good thing as we don’t need to get lost on another path even though its tempting to do everything!

Just doing it regardless of the fear, the blocks, the opinions of others or that its not perfect. Just doing it anyway points us in the right direction and we can get the momentum happening to what we want and that can move mountains.

So as we step into closing 2014 and cranking up 2015, I want you to ponder how you navigate the things that hold you back, and take steps toward what you want in life. I am getting together some ‘Ignite Your Life’ workshops to tackle this very thing so stay tuned for more details. I would love it for for everyone to be able to make their vision a reality and take steps to being the person that they want to be!

Have a great week, hopefuly kicking some of those blocks out of the way



Belief in your wonderful gifts talents ideas is also pretty powerful. Don’t be embarrassed for who you and don’t apologise for your success. The world needs you and what you have to offer and lets not deny others of your talents because there is something in the way.