I’ve never been described like this before

July 2, 2024

I have never been described like this before.

In Friday’s mental health and wellbeing workshop for small and family business owners, we did a quick reflection using symbols to look at the overall wellbeing of the business.

It was a great day with some open conversations around the table in how things were going. One organisation is supporting their staff with many different tools and strategies and have still been experiencing some challenges with sickness and commitment.

During the reflection they represented their team as being fixed and they would like them to be able to come out of the fences and work toward a common purpose. Then along came a ‘unicorn’ (and laughed that it was me) to get fresh eyes, educate and get a sense of what is happening so that they can continue to shift and support.

While I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a magical unicorn, I think there are some practicalities that can identified from an outside perspective. There may be some solutions that cant be seen when you are in it – ultimately I will consult with curiosity and look at potential actions that will help with wellbeing, the structure, systems, processes and ensuring that the shared purpose is lived.

Running a business has so many elements to it and the team culture, mental health and wellbeing is a huge part of it. I am so pleased to partner with Office for Small and Family Business to deliver this program so that business owners and leaders can spend time on their own wellbeing and mental health for their business.

Please let me know if you need a unicorn to see with fresh eyes so that we can some up with some ideas to improve culture, engagement and wellbeing.