I’ve got something to ask

Ignite Life
September 9, 2015


Today is RU ok day and this is certainly something we need to take notice of.

The thing is, mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Maybe you would be surprised about some of the people that come and see me who appear to have it all together but underneath they are really struggling with life. On the outside they have the life that people dream of, the perfect partner, the great job, a lovely family, lots of friends, have a nice car, are beautiful inside and out, and seem to live out their dreams every day.

But on the inside there is something else happening. There is anxiety, self loathing, pressure, a lack of confidence, feeling of dread, despair and feeling like they have withdrawn from life. It is hard. Their life is dominated with the thought that they ‘should’ be ok as they seem to lead the perfect life, but they are just not feeling it. To put the mask on every day and face the world is absolutely exhausting, its takes all their energy and behind closed doors it’s a completely different story to what is shown to the outside. They question whether this world would be better off without them and just because they have lots of people around them doesn’t mean they are not alone.

Initiatives like R U OK? Day are reminders that we need to look out for one another. Just because things appear on the surface to be perfect doesn’t mean that is the case. We are more connected than ever but more disconnected than ever and we need to ensure we are part of a community instead of leaving each other to feel isolated, alone and disconnected from life that there is no other solution. Let’s look out for one another and genuinely check in to see how we are going, not just on this day, but every day.

It is ok not to be ok – there is help and support all around us. It can be hard to pick up the phone and be in touch with people like me and sometimes we just need some encouragement to be vulnerable (the greatest form of courage) and have the support we need.

So the question I want to ask you is… how are you really doing? Are you OK?