It’s a Newday

Professional Development
November 4, 2023

My learning, thinking, wonder, pondering cup was well and truly full after being immersed in Newday Leadership Summitt.

Wonderful to provide some creativity on the day. The creativity zone had so many different ways of connecting, expressing, reflecting and regulating throughout the day and it was wonderful to provide space for whatever was needed.

And what incredible content on stage, including;

The importance of gathering in a circle from Cedric Varcoe – as if you meet in a square you hit the corners. As well as being guided and connecting to your Ngartjis so that when you see it you know everything will be okay.

Dr Paul Callaghan spoke about the most important learning he has done is from going bush – the informal learning from people can be a powerhouse and connecting to country, story, relationships and responsibility. The definition of success is the richness of your relationships. Navigate the storms and dont waste a good crisis.

Manisha Amin highlighted the importance of inclusive design, that we need to unlearn to relearn and invite the edge to the room – who is not in the room that needs to be heard?

Having the conversation and vulnerability as leaders featured during the mental health session with John Mannion and Magic Mike – a powerful way to engage and demonstrate the power of a conversation.

An absolute moment of awe of listening to music from Emma Horwood and then hearing about the neuroscience on the benefits of creativity with Fiona Kerr

Something that we often avoid is talking about death and it was refreshing to hear from Tabitha Healey about her experiences of working with the dying, that we need to harness the uncertainty of life and she shared the 7 lessons for living. A conversation that we need to make less awkward.

and fabulous to finally see Madhavi Nawana Parker bring her genuine energy and warmth to remind us to smile, pause, regulate, move and have micro moments of fun so that we can expand ourselves rather than having big feelings that lead to small thinking.

I feel so fortunate to be part of these days where we dig deeper, reflect on this thing called life and how we want to live in the world.

Thank you to Katrina Webb-Denis PLY OAM and Matthew Wright-Simon for curating a fulfilling day – it is wonderful to be part of something so special.