It was like returning to where it all began… but different.

Professional Development
January 24, 2024

Little did I know all those years ago that when Mum got me to help her at work that I would meet some incredible teachers in life (including the students) and that my career would take a different path.

I left that school 11 years later and it was a place of immense personal and professional growth, where the seeds were safely planted to create, connect, expand and find my place in the world.

It felt like a full circle moment on Tuesday. The first day back at school used to involve locker allocations and now I was facilitating at Pulteney Grammar School for staff to reflect on their values and how they will prosper in 2024.

What a fabulous day facilitating a staff retreat day along with Jed AltschwagerGary Edwards CSP – Speak With InfluenceAmanda Goodfellow and Annie Harvey. Resilience, communication, mindfullness, laughter along with some creative expression and ‘growing’ together made for a valuable day.

Thank you to Kate Russell and The Huddle for bringing us all together and Deb Dalwood for welcoming us so warmly and providing a space for your staff to start the year with some connection, optimism and tools to take into 2024.

If you were part of a garden what would you be? There were flowers, hoses, soil, bird paths, watering cans, sun, butterfly’s, blood and bone, tools, birds, bees….