It Happens – How to react

Ignite Life
October 17, 2022

Things happen. It’s been an interesting few weeks and when the studio flooded someone said a comment that I really question ‘dont worry, there are people worse off’ .

This type of statement is something that is said with good intentions and to reassure but also discounts and minimises reactions and feelings about your experiences. Rather than jumping to comparisons or the geee ups that aren’t always that useful, validate where someone is at. Feel those feelings, acknowledge what they/you are experiencing.

The thought of having to move all my gear for the third time in a few months was completely overwhelming and debilitating on top of what has been a really challenging year.

I needed some time to process and plan and have moved from the frozen overwhelm. There is light at the end of the tunnel with studio renovation 2.0 happening for the next few weeks, which means that I have limited 1:1 sessions.

The bonus is that I have more time for teambuilding, wellbeing workshops, staff check in’s and mental health first aid training as long I can come to you or a function centre!

Let me know if you want to end the year with some team reminders of wellbeing strategies, creating a positive culture or planning for 2023.  I am curious to see what boardrooms, training and staff rooms I will work out of in the next few weeks.

pictured: a messy studio, that is being packed up for renovations.