It got messy really quickly

Events | Reflection
April 17, 2024

“It got messy really quickly.” “It was really uncomfortable.” “We all approached it in our own way.” Often it creeps up on you and you don’t notice until suddenly it takes over. 

That’s how vicarious trauma can happen in caring roles. And it’s important to be aware of what you are carrying and work out how to transition, fill your cup, get space, acknowledge and look at what you need to move through humaning.

It was a vibrant, fun and connected workshop with the Law team at Uniting Communities this morning. And totally refreshing to hear unprompted what a great job they have and how they love their team. A great foundation for delivering support to their clients.

There were reminders of what fills you up and how to bring the colour back when the ‘black’ takes over. But also the realities that it can be challenging sometimes with work, life and all the things being juggled.

One person even got nostalgic with using the crayons, a couple of people chose ‘celebratory’ postcards separately for a team member and I love that everyone took a walk around the room to reflect on others’ different approaches to the creative inquiry.

So much happens in this process and when a team comes together to reflect.