Training & Coaching 

Supporting Professionals with their wellbeing.

Helping you be better at what you do.

Our suite of professional development packages assist your staff in a safe reassuring environment to reflect, learn, develop and evolve.

Learning is a lifelong process and we support your team so that they can master their wellbeing and get on with supporting those that you work with.

Supervision, Mentoring and Coaching

Staff 1:1 Wellbeing Check Ins

There is nothing like a safe place for reflective practice, exploring client engagement, considering interventions and the impact of your caring role.

A 1:1 session for you so that you can help those that you work with. . In a safe confidential space staff can reflect on their challenges, explore what is happening, celebrate wins as well as consider well being and self care practices.

In a safe confidential space we work together in many different ways (coaching, reflection, observation, experiential processes, feedback) to ensure personal and professional insight in a practical, empowered, person centred way.


Just like we take our cars to a mechanic for a service, 1:1 sessions are a preventative measure to ensure that your organisational culture and people are supported through challenges, change and to celebrate wins.

Strategy and Leadership

Leading your people

  • Creating psychological safety
  • Navigating challenges and constructive conflict
  • Aligning expectations
  • Supporting and Empowering Employees

Being a leader can be isolating and our one one one sessions are perfect for managers to reflect, debrief , safely strategise, and have some time to work through dynamics and culture of the team as well as gain personal insight and understanding.


Managing people can be filled with mixed experiences and we will walk along side you to help lead your people.  We empower you to manage team dynamics, individual mental health concerns, align expectations, navigate conflict and create psychological safety by being an adaptive leader to your team.

    “Engaging Bel to support our team has been one of the single best decisions I have made as the leader of a new results-driven organisation. She has helped us get clear on our vision, mission and most importantly have individual and collective ownership of our values. The work done is evident in our culture, the quality of work produced and the positive outcomes we are able to achieve with our clients. As a result, our reputation is second to none.”  Cassie Day the Carers Place


    Engaging workplace talks, conference keynotes and reflective sessions

    Bel Ryan is a wellbeing speaker who specialises in using art therapy to minimise stress, reduce burnout and ignite your potential.

    With a 20+ year career in art therapy, counselling, facilitation and mental health training, she is passionate about the power of using creativity to overcome adversity in your life and empower you to thrive.

    These wellbeing talks are not only memorable, but a practical engaging experience where your audience will reflect, discover new perspectives and connect to their experiences.

    This is a talk with a difference. Facilitated through stories, symbolism and metaphor, the room will erupt with this unique ‘artistic’ approach. This is using creativity to tell a story, mirror life and engage people in a fascinating, self-reflective way. You will be learning by doing and engaging with your mental health strategies to reduce stress and burnout.


    Have you got something that you need a fresh pair of eyes over or some expertise to execute new programs or strategies?

    We work collaboratively with you and your team to develop, review and implement innovative projects to effectively engage with your clients, team and the community.

    Ignite Wellbeing Co assists you to:


    Have a temperature check of your organisation and team dynamics


    Design and implement training programs in your workplace


    Create engaging training, meetings, workshops and programs


    Develop wellbeing strategies and mental health training


    How to facilitate effectively


    Generate memorable content and learning experiences


    Develop program outcomes with innovative, creative and engaging processes

    Learn how to deliver engaging, memorable programs and workshops

    Do you have a talk, workshop, program or training that needs a little more?

    These 1:1 coaching packages will help you improve your facilitation, engage your participants and have your messages and concepts stick with innovative, creative and engaging processes.

    Let’s face it, how often do you get personalised coaching and feedback on how to fine-tune your facilitation, format and information to engage your audience? 

    Our packages are designed to help you get in the zone, have fun, navigate challenges and feel confident that you are delivering content that provides value. We will dive into your unique presentation style, build your personal tool box, uncover the parts needs some adjusting, consolidate what is going well and develop you and your content.  

    Let’s work together to revitalise your content and for you to get some rare personalised feedback that you can’t find in books. 

    Our packages are designed for everyone from first-time presenters who need help to plan and implement; to seasoned professionals looking for personalised feedback to improve facilitation and revitalise content.

    This is for you if you are a trainer, speaker, workshop, program facilitator, retreat leader, ro anyone looking to connect with and engage with their audience.

    Beginner package $350

    Let’s have a brainstorm.

    This is a 60-minute Zoom session to generate ideas and work through challenges so you can feel supported in creating a more engaging experience for your audience.

    Medium package $900

    These two, one-hour sessions pack a double punch. 

    We start with a 60-minute Zoom to unpack your communication objectives and review your content.

    This is followed by a second one-hour session where I feedback suggestions and creative ideas.

    Premium package $2,000

    I will shadow you for up to two hours, watching you present and providing personal feedback. 

    Followed by a one-hour debrief, where I offer feedback and suggest strategies to try.

    A third follow up session to debrief and come up with further action plan.

    Terms and conditions

    Add on packages have a 6 month expiry to the date of the first initial session

    Travel fee will be charged for over 15kms from Adelaide CBD for premium session observation

    Payment plans available for the medium + premium package

     To book in for a 15mins call to see what package suits you click here.

    Or if you are keen to get started right now book in for your initial session here.

    Training and Development

    Does your team need some skills that help them connect to one another and the people that you work with.

    Our interactive, engaging training sessions not only consolidate the learning but provide the practical application with the focus of sessions include

    • Communicating Effectively
    • Active listening, reflective questioning and holding space for those that you work with
    • Managing Conflict and team dynamics
    • Facilitating effective meetings, programs and groups
    • Maintaining professional Boundaries
    • Self reflective practice, Self care strategies and wellbeing practices
    • Creating meaningful Workshops and Programs

    Mental Health First Aid

    Learn how to assist adults who are developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis, until appropriate professional help is received. We can with 2 day standard mental health first aid training. 

    Talk to us about how we can help you and your team!