IGNITE Professional

Supporting Professionals.

Helping you be better at what you do.

Learning is a lifelong process. Maybe your team need some support, could use more confidence in what they are doing or need to master some specific skills.

Our suite of professional development packages assist your staff in a safe reassuring environment where they can reflect, learn, develop and evolve.


For people working in the human services field it is best practice to have regular supervision sessions.

There is nothing like a safe place for reflective practice, exploring client engagement, considering interventions and the impact of your caring role.

A 1:1 session for you so that you can help those that you work with. . In a safe confidential space staff can reflect on their challenges, explore what is happening, celebrate wins as well as consider well being and self care practices.

Supervision is also perfect for managers to reflect, debrief , safely strategise, and have some time to work through dynamics and culture of the team as well as gain personal insight and understanding.

Mentoring and Coaching

One on one sessions to take a thorough look at what skills need to be built upon. We will then take practical steps toward developing the skills, gaining confidence and mastering the expertise required for your role.

It’s not about telling what you should do, we work together in many different ways (coaching, reflection, observation, experiential processes, feedback) to ensure learning is the focus and happens in a practical, empowered, person centred way.

Mentoring/coaching sessions can include development of…

  • Active Listening, holding space and engaging those that you work with
  • Developing Counselling/Art therapy skills
  • Effective Facilitation and presenting
  • Creating meaningful Workshops and Programs

You are welcome to attend our FREE online Creating Clarity Sessions held regularly!


Have you got something that you need a fresh pair of eyes over or some expertise to execute new programs or strategies?

We work collaboratively with you and your team to develop, review and implement innovative projects and processes to effectively engage with your clients, team and the community.

Ignite Wellbeing Co assists you to:


Design and implement wellbeing programs in your workplace


Create engaging training, meetings, workshops and programs


Generate memorable content and creative learning experiences


Develop program outcomes with innovative, creative and engaging processes