If you were a fire, how are you travelling?

Metaphor of the Week
August 13, 2023

This week I have had so many people talk about how depleted, exhausted, out of control they feel. This is me on Sunday where I ventured to the Hills and enjoyed one of my favourite things, sitting in front of a fire pit and tending to it (apparently Winter Reds was happening too!)

I love the metaphor of fire, not only because it brings back childhood memories and is the inspiration behind Ignite but also because it is a great symbol for our wellbeing.

My question to you is if you were a fire, how are you travelling?

Are you in the smoke and ashes?
Are you so busy when it burns really brightly and you are going through lots of fuel? It’s hard to keep going. 
Have you got a balance between the stillness of the coals and the fire?
What do you need to stoke your fire?
What sparks do you need to reignite?
Who’s sitting around the fire with you?

How are you looking after yourself and what do you need right now? because it is important that we can maintain our own fire before we stoke others. 

So this is your reminder for the weekend, to do something that is fulfilling, whether its energetic, still, movement, creative or connection – do your thing that gives you a little spark of joy – just like the fire did for me on Sunday.