I wonder…

Ignite Life
March 10, 2014

One of my favourite words is ‘wonder’ and is the theme for tonight’s Ignite Life. It’s about the sense of amazement, being curious as well as a desire to know something.

On Friday night I went a magical show called Deception, it was incredible. Like art therapy there were lots of metaphors for life but also magic tricks that left you dumbfounded. It was so well done you couldn’t see how the illusion was created and the crowd were left gasping and applauding in childlike wonder.

I think I must have something written across my forehead saying ’pick me, pick me’ as for the second time this fringe season I have been pinpointed from the crowd. I was called onto the stage to be part of one of the tricks. Without giving anything away (the pictured image is a clue) it was nothing short of amazing. You are certainly left wondering how it happens. Part of me knows that it is a learned skill but there is a big part of me that wants to believe in the magic. That feels a lot lighter and fun than analysing the different scenarios in how he performed the illusion.

It got me thinking how we are always trying to find the answers to questions, trying to work everything out when sitting in the magical sense of wonder and disbelief is exciting and brings something to our lives. Whether its wanting to know the future of a relationship, a career or whether we are going to win the lotto, its feel like we are inclined to want to know how it pans out rather than sitting in the unknown.

This also raises the question of how we lose that ability to sit in the mystery and wonder that young children seem to adopt so naturally. For example, why we feel the need to ruin the sense of joy in believing in Easter bunny or Santa. I secretly believed til I was quite old and was crushed when it was confirmed – I sort of knew that it wasn’t the case but really really wanted them to be real – there was still a little bit of hope and wonderment in the mystery of it all.

So for this week it would be great find opportunities where you can sit in the wonder for a while. Let the magic take over and sit with the unknown. Be curious without needing to know the answers or letting logic take over. Seems good in theory but I wonder (boom boom!) how this will go.

Heres hoping that you have a week full of wonderful moments