I hated every part of that!

Ignite Life
March 6, 2023

“I hated every part of that. it was terrible and it makes me sooo frustrated, it was pointless and I just want to chuck it all in the bin”

If that was said to you in a workshop, how would you react? Maybe you would go into justification, be offended or think that your workshop or training is a disaster – and the self talk could get out of control.

This exact thing happened in our monthly self reflection workshop for professionals on Saturday. And I didn’t try to make it all better as I knew that there was something to explore here,. That’s the beauty of this space and this context.

The participant was so overwhelmed with lots of projects on the go – they literally walked into the studio and rested their head on the table. It was a very different energy after this experience.

By reacting to the art process, there was information, insight and some further reflection to happen. It lead to expressing what was out of kilter, what wasn’t happening and how it needed to be adjusted –great insights. Plus the process was about control so understandably when things were all over the place in the marbling process there was some discomfort, especially for someone who thrives with structure and order.

This irritation actually energised them and it lead to a discussion in how often we feel we are not able to express things like anger, the need to be polite, and hold back from voicing our experiences especially if they are perceived as being negative.

This is communicating something, and in the creative process we go to what’s behind that reaction and how it relates to our lived experiences. The release, expression and the honesty was refreshing – and I know it isn’t about me and my facilitation (although I am open to feedback), in that moment they needed to experience that for themselves and find some meaning in it, even if it was releasing the stress, overwhelm and pressure valve a little.

They then bounced out of the room, a very different scenario to how they walked in. thats the power of reflection, expression and connection.