I did the most stupid thing and need to STOP

Ignite Life
November 1, 2015

clockI have had a blast in the past couple of months doing all things art therapy but there was a few signs in the past week or so that something needs bit of a tweak.

The switch has been ‘on’ constantly and even though this is fabulous from the point of view that I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of sharing and absorbing the art therapy love, it was starting to feel like it was an effort to fire on all cylinders and that the engine could burn out at any time.

I know the signs pretty well now and am so glad that I have the awareness do something about it as once upon a time I would have just pushed through and then be no use to anyone, and that’s not a good thing for my clients or others around me.

I find it hard to describe what its like in my body but let continue with the vehicle analogy and say that it’s when you are driving through thick mud, the car is still moving but its boggy, moving all over the place and you are not really getting through as quickly or clearly as you would like. I also know that when I get revved up at little things or its all foggy when I am trying to think, something is a bit off track.

And here is the admission of a pretty stupid thing….

I was panicking that I hadn’t rung my niece for her birthday and quickly left a message on her phone the day after apologising for not getting to her the day before. She text me back reminding me that her birthday was not in October but in May – Ummmmm, I know this, I definitely know this. It didn’t register to me that I was in the wrong month, I swear I saw some sort of reminder on skype or something but here is where life being so bloody full on gets you in trouble – I just was on autopilot and didn’t take a moment out to register what the reality was. Depending on how you look at it, I was either 3 months late or 9 months early wishing her a great birthday, either way this was a huge indicator that I need to STOP for a while.

I started earlier in the week by saying no to some extra work as I knew I wouldn’t be doing it justice and know that I need to refuel for a while so that I can be completely present to what I am doing. It may or may not have been obvious to others as I was functioning and doing things well but I knew within myself that I was at capacity and something needed to happen.

Obviously, my sense of time was a bit out of whack, so I decided to take the time out needed and after doing some talks at the University of Adelaide on Friday I banned myself from doing any work until this moment in time (Sunday avo) which is unusual for me running my own business. I did lots of things to nourish me and feel very different as I sit here – I can think and actually get a sentence to make sense for starters (well, hopefully you can understand this!).

Among other things, yesterday afternoon, I went and experienced a float for the first time – I didn’t really know what to expect but it was very interesting to observe myself in the process. There was a clock in the waiting room without any hands on it and it totally symbolised what I was about to experience. It is a place where time is insignificant with all distractions far far away. Hello complete time out.

At first it was a bizzare, without any stimulation except for floating in the dark tank and being all alone with your thoughts and breath. I didn’t really know what to do at first and was a little restless but when I let go and surrendered to the nothingness and peace it was quite liberating. They say the more you go the more you relax anymore so we will see how we go after the next one.

What it highlighted to me is how much we just move from one thing to the next, often full bore and don’t make time to boost ourselves so that we are able to do things with more clarity and energy. And lets face it, the work can wait – I wouldn’t have done it effectively anyway.

I have so many great things planned for Ignite and can get mixed up in the busyness of life. It will be great to let the creative juices flow and really let the ideas evolve into reality.

So I am making a commitment to myself and invite you to do the same. Lets make it our business to take time out so that we can be the best version of ourselves and truly nurture what we have to give others. Ignites focus is shifting to help others with burn out and self-care, and while we are still human and need to remind ourselves, it will be brilliant to make a conscious effort to make space for nourishing us.

As of this month, we are having a monthly self care workshops where you can come and join with other Igniters to have a space to explore, nourish and connect with you. It so important that we all take care of us , especially when you are caring for others as its beneficial to them when our life is full of energy, passion and love for what we do. So if you are keen to be involved, I would love you to join us… for more deets go to https://www.stickytickets.com.au/31433

In the mean time, it would be fabulous to check in and see how you are doing. One fabulous speaker at a recent art therapy conference was talking about this very thing, and she had a great question… how are you? And how do you know?

Let all make an effort to take care of us so that we can connect with our life and those around us and ring people to wish them a happy birthday on their actual birthday!






Self care doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a lot of money, its about taking time out especially for you – whatever that is.

Just in case you are wondering what else I did over my 48 hour self-care extravaganza here is bit of a off the top of my head list – the main thing was about making a commitment to myself…

On Friday

I moseyed around the shops and bought a new pair of shoes

Had a late impromptu lunch with a friend,

Got some pampering done – waxing and nails

Had a nap on the couch,

Watched Family Fued (my favourite program to watch, gotta love Grant Denyer)

Attended a workshop on sound baths with the most blissful zone out time

Had a sleep in and just lazed around in bed, reading thinking and relaxing. For the past 8 weeks I have been up cleaning early so its spick and span for an inspection to sell the house but luck would have it that we are having a week off – a great opportunity to not having to be anywhere or mop the floors!

I then had a bit of breaky , layed on the couch and watched trashy tv (goggle box I love!), napped read the paper, went and had a flat before visiting a friend and sharing a meal with them.

Another sleep in this morning, a friend called around for coffee bringing flowers and fresh berries to eat yum! Am currently listening to music, have sat in the sun for a while and am about to make a green smoothie.

Have washed the sheets and can’t wait to get into a fresh clean cosy bed tonight.

Amazing how things can turn around with a couple of days of focus and a knowing that this is a necessity. It’s all the little things that add up to make a difference.