I can’t believe I am doing this…

Ignite Life
November 15, 2015

nz picHave you ever come across something that seems interesting and you know that somehow you need to be involved. This has happened to me recently, it makes no sense at all considering where I am in my life and rationally it just shouldn’t happen. Yet, there is something deep inside that keeps saying that NO is not an option.

Here is the thing. In less than three months I will be going for a trek in New Zealand for a week!

For other people this might be something that you just do (travel and or hiking), but for me it’s really outside of the box.

For starters I haven’t even got a passport and have never been out of Australia, I am the unfittest person I know, with my normal walking speed being leisurely at best and then there are a few logistical things to organise. There are a million excuses why I can’t go, but somehow and for some reason I just have to do it. It is like there is no choice – it is something I have to do.

I know will be good for me but to be honest, it is petrifying and exciting all in one and I can’t really grasp why I have to do this.

Maybe it’s the metaphor of life, walking a path for myself. Maybe it’s the fact of broadening horizons, it could be the space I need to ponder life and connect to myself .It could be that I need to let some things go from the past on this 80km walk and step into the future with a new zest for life. Or maybe it’s walking into the unknown, trusting that I will discover what I need to and being completely in the moment with nature. What ever it is, it has a very loud voice and wants to be uncovered. .

Then there is the whole physical thing. I went for my first walk today and while it was on flat land and only a few kilometres, it is something to build upon. I know that I will need to be mentally, physically, emotional and spiritually sound in order to walk this path and that self-reflection, insight and discovery are going to be part of this trek. And that all starts here, one bit at a time.

When I sent the text saying that I was doing it, something was triggered from deep within and the emotion poured out – this is going to be one interesting time – I know it will challenged beyond belief but I also know that there is something calling me. When I discover why, I am sure it will have an impact and will start to make sense.

In the meantime I am going to trust that the unknown is waiting to be discovered and it will become a part of who I am.

Have you ever had something that you just had to do and then discovered why? I would love to hear it so when I am huffing and puffing in training I can know that there is reason for doing this.

 Let’s see how this goes…