I am not immune…

Ignite Life
March 24, 2014

Ignite Life this week is ‘inspired’ by my mood as I sat here in bit of a funk (not the dancing type of funk!) not knowing exactly what it was about. It felt terrible and trying to work it out had thoughts going round and round in my head…

 is it that a family member died earlier this week? is it that I am agitated by the negativity all around? is it that I have let the little comparative voices creep in too much? maybe its about other people feeling the need to spread untrue gossip about me? am I juggling too many things? is it that I feel violated by the people that vandalised our home and the neighbours car? is it that I am not getting enough sleep or eating very well?

is it the weather or do I need to take a break… the list goes on.

 Our emotions are not always rational or clear cut and for me there is only one way to sort this out. Its the very thing that I facilitate for others…I continuously seek guidance by doing an art therapy process.

 It is important to let our feelings have a voice as the more we hide them the more they brew and erupt to the point that they are overwhelming. The therapeutic space is so beneficial and I know firsthand how art therapy is a safe way to explore without having to find words to discribe the issue. A red blob or jaggered line can represent things that are difficult to face, the art allows us to ‘let it rip’ in a safe appropriate manner. By expressing the issue there is a huge release and presents an opportunity to transform the issue by changing the art. Sometimes clients will erase or cut out part of the image, change it by ripping or smashing it up, even burning or burying it for further release. They can also alter the art into something that is more bearable, even add elements that will bring some healing. Art therapy is not about creating art for exhibition, it is a deep process that parallels life and expresses things that are difficult to speak about. Ultimately, it helps us with the emotion and issue at hand.

 The good news is that after doing my own art therapy process (more about that later in the week), I have a huge sense of release and feeI different – in a good way. I don’t have a partner and don’t want to burden my friends and family with things all the time – so the piece of paper (or clay, plasticine, collage, 3d items, paint – whatever the medium) gives me an opportunity to work it out and shine light on what I want in life. To take this further, I will also work through this with my life coach and clinical supervisor as it is important to have someone walking alongside you to reflect things that you don’t see for yourself. This provides further insight and it is awesome to have a space just for you.

 Ignite life this week is a wish. I wish for you to have a space to express fully and be heard. I hope that you find someone that you click with and ‘gets’ you. I hear lots of stories of bad experiences of therapy – don’t let that put you off, shop around and find the person or type of therapy that suits you. When we look at the things that may not be going so well we can come to a place of peace and you need to feel safe to do that. I truly believe that each of us has the ability and wisdom within to find the answers for ourselves – it is important to have a person walk alongside you that you can trust so you can get the most out of your life.

heres to a week of expressing what you need to express