How Dare You

Ignite Life
May 1, 2015
Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Last night I went to see the movie BoyChoir. There are lots of themes within the movie that I could reflect upon tonight such as the power of music, survival through adversity, abandonment, jelousy, bullying, discipline, spiritual connection or amazing life changing teachers.

But the bit that really sticks out to me is when the Choir Master says to his student quite passionately “how dare you squander your talent’

It got me thinking about how easy it is to see others brilliance, yet it can be difficult to let all of our own talent shine.

Is this because we are frozen in fear that we are scared of shining too brightly and what that means for us. Is it that we have learned not to be boastful about our brilliance that we go too far the other way and deny the world with what we have to offer. Are we afraid what others will think or is there something else playing out?

This theme regularly comes up in our sessions and something that is useful to understand. Whether it is massive blocks in the way of success, the constant chatter that has too much of a voice or the black hole that sucks all the shine out of life, we need to recognise that part of ourselves that stops us sharing our talents and brilliance with the world.

Once we meet it, understand it and get some insight into it then we can integrate, transform and change it so that we can truly sit in our genius. It can be something that constantly challenges us but let’s all start being aware of how much we hold back as well as encourage one another to really let that brilliance shine.

Imagine what it would be like if we had people constantly reminding us of our brilliance so that we no longer hide and develop the confidence to really let it shine.


Have a great talent filled week,

Til our paths cross, take care of you