Having a ball!

Ignite Life
June 19, 2014

On Friday night I was lucky enough to attend the Variety Club Friday the13th ball. While I am not one to get too glammed up and can be a bit hesitant to do fancy dress, I had a fabulous time and must admit even had fun transforming into gothic character for the night.

The convention centre was decked out in spectacular fashion and the décor was nothing short of amazing, they really took the theme to the max. The scene was set for a fun filled night and I certainly took advantage of that.

Ultimately we were there to raise money for a cause but it was great to just be in the Friday the 13th bubble and have a bloody good time. Life can be pretty serious and I get caught up in working too hard so it was great to let all that go for more than a few hours. So this weeks Ignite life is pretty simple – to take an opportunity to let the worries of the world disappear for a little while and have some fun even if its just for a moment. That can be anything from cranking the tune in the car full bore, playing dress ups with the kids or having a good old laugh over a coffee with your friends.

You will find the thing that works for you but make an effort to make it happen. Having fun and laughter is very good for the soul and thanks to VarietySA ball I am reminded to do this more often – it’s the fun and laughter in our lives that gives us energy to do the things that we are passionate about.

Have a fun filled week!