Handing over the batton

November 28, 2023

I got tingles yesterday when a group of leaders from Resthaven Incorporated described their creation. They spoke about being committed to the company for many many years and walked a long path – it was time to hand over the batton to others as they retire soon.

You could see their passion and I wondered about all of the insight, care, knowledge, learning, humaness and moments in time that would have been shared with their colleagues and residents. We all have the ability to impart learning and care in so many ways and may not even realise the impact we have.

It was fabulous to facilitate two different groups for Resthaven to take time to reflect on the organisation, their teams and their leadership through a fun construction process.

The scenes of planes, boats, rockets, wheels, gardens, scaffolding, beehives, goal posts, towers all leading the way to share, connect and feel part of a great organisation. The themes of hope, growth and moving forward certainly shone through.