Freethinking Compassion Revolution

Professional Development
January 10, 2024

I didn’t know how this would end and had a few different ideas that I could use.

I needn’t have worried as the 101 of creative inquiry is to trust the process.

How incredible to start 2024 with a multi layered exploration with Mary Freer and the FreerthinkingCompassion Revolution team last week. 

Space to be curious, seeing what emerges, deeply connecting to self, one another and their greater purpose. 

Through the creative interaction, imprints, amplification, sounds, conversations, questioning, reflection, words, gestures, felt sense and movement something very wonderous emerged, expanded, was held and will continue to inform.

I absolutely love this work where the creative inquiry takes its own path, brings insights, conversation and mirrors what needs to be known. 

I love flexible facilitation like this – it goes where it needs to rather than sticking to the script. 

I had so many tingley moments in what was being shared, questioned, pondered, felt, expanded and goes beyond conscious knowing.

Thank you MaryAmy and Lou for trusting me to hold space and be part of an incredible planning retreat. 

Oh and the ending, another possibility appeared and it was just right for the moment.