Finding the Colour Again

Professional Development
March 19, 2024

A participant was reluctant to continue in the process and I have often heard this in this exploration.

‘I cant put the black over it, I have been there before and don’t want to go there again’

They are not just talking about the paint going over the crayons drawn on the page. It’s how this relates to life and are hesitant to cover the bright, happy, meaningful things on the page..

And thats the point of this preventing vicarious trauma and burnout exploration.

 Its the reminder that the brightness can be covered and it is important to implement strategies so that there is light, connection, and enjoyment. 

Often the first thing to go are the very things that you need when dealing with complex, multi layered cases and are always giving.

We all need the reminders of our processes, transition spaces, boundaries and cup filling strategies so that we can continue to do the real humaning that this team does everyday.

It’s not denying that there are tough days, hard situations faced and stuggle that can occur in this meaningful work – it looking after yourself in the process.

Thankyou to Amanda Mountford and the Uniting Communities team for a reflective, fun, insightful and engaging afternoon.