Experiential Workshops bringing the team together.

Professional Development
May 16, 2017

Its great to see organisations like Credit Union SA seeing  the value in supporting their staff and we are super proud to reveal a project that we facilitated in six different locations.

The Brief – connecting the staff in all the different locations while reflecting on self care,  coping strategies, having some ‘take home’ points and throwing some fun into the mix – all within an hour staff meeting. Mission Accomplished.

There is nothing like…

  • the sound of the team squealing with delight and laughing like there wasn’t another care in the world as they worked together in the warm up activity
  • the curiosity shown in each others interests and experiences
  • knowing one another as people, not just colleagues.
  • having a sense of humor
  • the importance of holidays!
  • the complete focus and silence when doing the mindfulness activity
  • ensuring the things that ‘fill the bucket’ are a priority
  • the surprise at what had been created before and adding their piece to the collaboration
  • the gratefulness for having training that was personal and fun!

All of which were an integral part of this project.

The valuable aspect in tailor made processes like these is  the interactive nature of workshops.  It is about having each person involved in the content rather than having an approach of “I will tell you what you need to do’ . Its about each person having time to reflect on how the concept is relevant for them and having an individualised hands on approach.

In this case, it wasn’t only about where life is at or personal strategies when life  becomes a bit stressful,  the process was  about being mindful, ‘making your mark’ and  weaving together with the rest of the team. Each week the collaboration was represented by the ever growing art, that is now proudly framed and displayed in each branch. (see it all come together in the video below)

It was a wonderful experience going ‘on tour’ to each of the branches and to witness the the culture of loyalty and support was infiltrated throughout the organisation.


Thank  you Credit Union SA for being innovative and acknowledging that your staff are important  and when they feel part of the team, great things happen.


We would love to chat with you about developing experiential workshops to bring your team together and getting the most out of life whether it be work or play. We thrive on creating something just for you, lets book in an exploration session to see what is possible. Cant wait to hear from you.


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