Do you have your ducks in a row?

September 8, 2023

I was so impressed this week when I was doing 1:1 wellbeing checkins and a staff member came ready with a folder full of ducks to work out what their next steps were. 

They had a lot of different competing priorities, opportunities presenting themselves and needed some space and time to work it all out.

They had prepared by finding different ducks to characterise different parts of their life, the opportunities and the roles that they play – the ducks had names and personalities.

Throughout the session  we were able to talk through the different characters and get some insight into the next steps. How they interacted with one another, what was most important, who could wait and how did life look with all the ducks in it.

It was fun, playful and they were able to see it from a new perspective. That’s the power of looking at things from an external view – their energy shifted, they had a clearer picture of what they wanted in life. 

A fun, informative, planning session with a recognition that all ducks were important in their own way it was about how they interact and who is a priority at any given time.

My client said it was  “such a fun process, enabled by the power of regular supervision and well-being checks. 

There is absolutely no way that something as absurd as personified ducks could have been bought into the session without the relationship that had been established prior”.

It felt great to

  • Recognizing the need to take a step back and refocus- thanks to engrained habits of routines and self reflection
  • Knowing exactly where to go for support with working through this
  • Feeling safe and confident in the environment created in these sessions to take it to this level

Thankyou Bel , for going quackers over this troublesome flock/waddle/raft of ducks and being part of reframing potential overwhelm in the most hilarious way.”

I loved holding space for this process, totally lead by my client with a few curious questions thrown in.

Also did you know that a group of ducks has a different name depending on how they are travelling… a raft, flock, skein, waddling, fleet, puddle… the list goes on

Yep I went down the rabbit hole of duck metaphors!