Creative ways to engage and check in with your team.

Ignite Life
May 5, 2020

Working remotely and connecting as a team can be a little challenging at the moment. You want to engage everyone and check in but as time goes on it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep it interesting and worthwhile.

As a group facilitator one of the important factors for engagement is to have a variety of engagement techniques and this is no different in the online space that you find yourself in. Too much of the same has the team feeling like a box is being ticked rather than genuinely wanting to see how they are.

Using these creative ideas every now and then will provide some variety, bring new ways to engage and an interesting way to open conversation.

 Each question can be adapted depending on your industry and I suggest only using one question per meeting. Don’t over do it – remember to vary the intros so that you have the team onboard and interested.

If you were a ______________ right now what would you be?

Examples… part of the garden, thing in the ocean, vehicle, symbol.

What ____________ sums you up right now?

Examples… movie, song, sport, food, colour

Find a ________ in your house to describe how you are.

Examples…. item, picture, article of clothing

The key to engagement is to ask them what they chose and why. It is about expanding the conversation and coming from a new perspective rather than a response of ‘I am good or fine”.

Some prompting questions to open the conversation include…

What did you chose and why?

What are the features or qualities of what you chose?

How would you describe that item/thing?

How do you resonate with what you chose?

Would you like it to be something else? Or would you alter change it?

How do you relate to what other people chose?

There are many many possibilities in how this can be facilitated. Draw, show and tell, describe, how do items relate, share etc. Please let me know how you go when you use these techniques, I am really intrigued with how this simple technique helps connect through these interesting times.

If you would like to know more or want me to create a specially designed process to support your team, lets have a chat about my Creating Connection sessions. If you are wanting to see how your team are really doing, I am also able to personally check in with each team member (or those you are a little concerned about) my Creating Clarity 1:1 sessions will be the perfect solution to looking after your team members.