Creating innovation

Professional Development
November 30, 2023

Recognising staff is so important. I absolutely loved hearing about the initiatives, developments, team work and improving the way that support is delivered to the community at the SA Power Networks innovation awards today.

Rakesh shared about innovation in F1 with power and creativity seemingly poles apart yet the qualities of everyday innovation are transferable, I spoke about…

– someone with fresh eyes can see something differently, plants the seed and the impossible needs time to ‘brew’ – there may be a way.

– that you may end up on a different path that ends up being the right one

– the importance of putting your hand up and trying something new

– the shitty first draft or the suck are an important part of the process

– come back to the aim – why are you doing this?

– there may not be evidence of this being done before – thats what innovation is about – call it a pilot program!

– get inspiration from everywhere – play, think, ideate – what if….

– it takes time, sit with it, use collective think – different perspectives are valuable.

– we don’t do thing alone – let others guide, share, connect, influence, encourage, give feedback and support

– be willing to fail and know when it’s time to pause

– give it a go, review, tweak, put systems in place to make it easier

– sometimes things happen that you weren’t expecting, it can look very different to how you imagined

– embrace difference, step into it and own it.

Congratulations to Leanne Robinson, Mike Redden and team on a important afternoon of recognition and celebration of people doing great things in your organisation.