Celebrating Achievement

Ignite Life
July 27, 2014

On Friday night I stood at a graduation ceremony of some of the art therapy students that I have taught for the past 2 and half years. It was fantastic to see the joy in their stride as they were called out and made their way to the stage. Completing a course like this takes enormous commitment and is certainly a roller coaster of emotions as any achievement can be.

One of the students said to me that they didn’t realise the importance of having a ceremony to mark the occasion until she was there. A ceremony like this is so much more than receiving a parchment

its telling yourself that you have achieved something

its sharing with the people that supported you along the way

it silences the struggles in your mind telling you that you cant do it, you are stupid, I am not doing it right

its taking on board all the learning and feedback and stepping into your own

it is marking the hours and hours in the classroom, reading and at a computer as being so worth it

its saying to the world here I am, I am…. in this case a counsellor or art therapist

Marking an occasion is significant and I am so pleased to see so many smiling face that are genuinely proud of what they have achieved. I think it is a great reminder to celebrate and ritualise the things that we achieve. Sometimes we are so busy getting on with the next thing that we forget to reflect and acknowledge what has just happened – the milestones we have achieved, the hurdles we have jumped and celebrate who we have become. We need to genuinely say to ourselves well done and soak in it in for a while. I invite you to focus on this during the week, there are lots of great things happening all the time, please take some time and savour all that you have achieved and be proud of it, it will certainly give you a boost and energy to launch into your future.

Have a great week, our A-Z will continue so please join me by contributing some words for the letter of the day.