Caring for the Carers

Ignite Life
October 11, 2015

carerIts national Carers week this week so I want to make a little tribute to the wonderful carers that I have been lucky enough to work with over the past couple of years.

What I have witnessed is some fabulous people that have been thrust into a role due to circumstances of one or more of their family members. What I have seen is wonderful full giving hearts that tackle every day and in some cases have paused their own ambitions to ensure that their loved one gets the love and care that they need.

Lets face it life can be difficult but navigating, advocating and being at someone’s beck and call can be exhausting and adds a whole other element to life. Their life revolves around someone elses and sometimes their own needs are put to the side but they wouldn’t have it any other way – that’s the people they are.

I have facilitated three series of workshops with another in the pipeline and what was experienced in these groups is something truly special.

There was some fantastic expression and sharing of what it’s like to be a carer, the frustrations, the disappointments, having to navigate appointments, the exhaustion but also the joy, the pure love and the connection of caring that goes beyond words.

It can be a lonely ride but how awesome to sit in a room with others that get it and find a place to put the struggles aside and concentrate on something for themselves – there were tears of joy and sadness and a genuine knowing of one another. The art provided a safe place to explore their world without having to feel guilty, its was able to identify some areas of self care that needed some attention and also had an element of freedom where you can be unstructured, colour outside the lines and break free from the roles in life. There were lots of serious chats, new friends made and playfulness that turned to hysterical laughter. So good for the soul and I thank Carers SA for allowing us to create that space that is so treasured and its truly wonderful the way that you continue to walk the path with those that are caring.

The people that walked in on day one walked out a little lighter each day with their energy was rejuvenated so that they could conquer the world again. So to all the carers out there, my wish for you is to take some time each day to be in a moment of wonder, to fill your cup so that you can continue to provide a safe, caring space for your loved one but also have some time just for you as you are important.


Take care.