Breakthrough Tour

Professional Development
March 28, 2024

The stories of life are important and I love that we can have open dialogue about things such as whether mindfullness or mental health was a thing ‘back in our day!’

It makes me smile when I think about our travel to places like Walkers Flat. Plus fond memories came flooding back when I saw the jelly slice!

Connecting and community is such an important part of mental health, and it is wonderful to travel with Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation as part of the Women’s Wisom and wellbeing iniative.

Together we share tips, stories, release, laugh and strategies and are warmly welcomed into communities to open conversations and have a meal together.

Thanks to Mid Murray Our Town for hosting a great afternoon where you could feel the sense of community, especially when you see a group gathering under a tree by the river after the event. Our hope is that the connection, conversation and support can continue beyond the event.