Bel Ryan on The Transit Lounge Podcast with Shandra Moran

Podcast Guest
September 22, 2020

Bel Ryan had a side gig she describes as beautifully agonising… and it led to a significant career change later in life.
She had loved her work as a Therapist, but after a significant event triggered spin off repercussions, she made the decision to leave and work for herself.
In this podcast interview Bel shares with Shandra:
How saving a person’s life impacted her personally and professionallyWhat drove her desire to start her own businessthe challenges she faced in the early days of working for herselfLearning to play to her strengths and what to outsourceWhat she loves about her business nowTips for anyone thinking of leaving a career to start their own thing
Bel is an incredibly caring individual, committed to improving the lives and experiences of her clients, whilst valuing her own self car along the way.