Bel Ryan on the Quintessential Being Podcast with Nikki O’Brien

Podcast Guest
July 18, 2023

Have you ever wanted to hold the dichotomy of life with a little more grace? Does it feel like duality is ripping you in two sometimes? On this episode of Quintessential Being, I chat with Art Therapist and all round life-experience-expert Bel Ryan about  normalising the fact that we often feel two completely opposing emotions at the same time and how art can help us with this. She explains the tension or conflict that can rise in our bodies as we intellectualise that and we unpack why the flow between, fear and positivity for example, is important to recognise and embrace whole-heartedly!

Bel Ryan loves nothing more than keeping things real and helping people with their life experiences and she does that in multiple ways. Bel is a Facilitator, Speaker, Mental Health Trainer, Art Therapist via her company Ignite Wellbeing Co. 

In this episode you’ll also hear about:
– what questions to ask yourself in the moment to give yourself more space and compassion to be human 
– how to deal with overwhelm when it shows up for you
– transitioning out of survival mode to a more positive mindset
– why owning our behaviours and putting boundaries in place is necessary for positive growth
– how to find what works for you when you’re in crisis mode… and so much more!