Bel Ryan on The Purpose Edge Podcast with Phil Preston

Podcast Guest
May 31, 2023

Through her work and lived experiences, Bel has developed invaluable insights into grief, stress, vicarious trauma and mental health. She is driven by her belief in ‘keeping things real’ and passionate about fostering self-care for individuals, teams and organisations.

In this conversation, we find out about the positive and negative experiences that shaped her, how she helps create ‘space’ for others and about the effective techniques she uses. By the way, you won’t think about bridges, trains and houses the same way again!

Today, she is a leading art therapist, counsellor and lecturer. You can find out more about Bel in this  and her work at .

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Theme music is the track “Rhododendron” by Phil Preston and John Nichols performing as South of the Big Smoke (back in the day).

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