Bel Ryan on The Personality Coach with Kate Mason

Podcast Guest
August 3, 2022

Bel found her expression through Art Therapy only after a career that began with an interest in film making but then evolved into working with youth in schools and women in children in paediatric and palliative care.

Art Therapy became the perfect tonic for her mixing personal passion with a profession that makes a difference.

Bel finds some to who enroll in her art therapy classes have little confidence in their artistic abilities – but they’re often the ones who need precisely that kind of therapy the most. It’s been missing from their lives. People find reflection, insight, and expression.

Corporations hire her to provide classes for their teams. And what begin a team building exercises through art, sometimes become powerful experiences that help shape business strategies as people embrace the use of hands-on experience with creative exploration to express things they can’t normally express. Problems are uncovered and solutions found.

Art helps people go beyond the cognitive.

Bel shares her story in this episode hoping it might help you find how your passion and your profession can become one.