Bel Ryan on the High Tide Low Tide Podcast with Leesa Scanlan

Podcast Guest
June 13, 2023

In this week’s episode you will meet the wonderful Bel Ryan. Bel is an art therapist, sees people 1 on 1, runs well-being workshops and is a guest speaker. I was lucky enough to meet Bel last year when working together on the Womens Wisdom and Well-being program we took out to regional towns in South Australia.In her episode Bel talks through her childhood and what it was like dealing with her dads cancer diagnosis in a small, rural town to how she was treated and subsequently felt different at boarding school. Very interesting to hear her reflections on seeing her first psychologist and the many different modalities she has used and still uses now to help manage her mental health.Please note we discuss a critical incident in her workplace in this episode so an extra trigger warning in here for those who need it.There is so, so much to take out of this discussion. Bel is open and honest about her journey and herself and I am so grateful to have had her join me!You can find Bel on Instagram at @ignitewellbeingco or on LinkedIn by searching her name.Thank you for taking the time to listen, I am SO glad that you are here with me today!