Bel Ryan on the Be The Drop Podcast with Amelia Veale

Podcast Guest
February 2, 2020

Communication begins with the stories we tell ourselves, and often we’re not even aware of the impact our self-talk is having on us. This week’s guest explains this concept and how ART THERAPY can help.

Bel Ryan describes art as naturally therapeutic. Through her work with teenagers as a school counsellor, she discovered that people are able to express themselves through art, even when they’re unable or unwilling to express themselves verbally. In her business Ignite Art Therapies, Bel works with clients, using art therapy to help the unknown, become known.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Bel discusses the human disconnect that exists in today’s digital and hyper-connected world. She provides valuable insights into the process of art therapy, as well as tips and other simple tools to help today’s busy professionals understand themselves better.