Bel announced as Finalist in WINN Awards

In The Media
October 10, 2023

Bel is super humbled to be announced as a finalist in the Women in Innovation Awards in the arts category, 

The ingenuity and dedication of women in the field of innovation here in South Australia are nothing short of remarkable. Congratulations to all finalists, we look forward to celebrating with you in November.

 Here’s the brilliant 2023 Finalist line-up:

Dr Sarah Scholten – Engineering | Technology | Science
Merrily Hunter – Engineering
Sue Abbott – Engineering
Tania Jolley – Open
Professor Michelle Tuckey – Open | Social Impact
Wendy Perry – Open
Cassie Hames – Social Impact
Dr Tiffany De Sousa Machado – Social Impact
Franke Agenbag – Innovation & Intrapreneurship in Government | Young Innovator
Kareena Christian – Innovation & Intrapreneurship in Government
Rebecca Obst – Innovation & Intrapreneurship in Government
Kate Walker – Innovation & Intrapreneurship in Government
Ishika Mahajan – Young Innovator
Dr Farzana Kastury – Rural, Regional & Remote
Andrea Manclús Clemente – Technology | Emerging Innovator
Dr Mel McDowall, PhD MBA – Technology
Assoc Professor Caroline Tiddy – Maths & Data
Nicole Arbon – Maths & Data
Professor Lin Liu – Maths & Data
Dr Barbara Drigo – Science
Dr Zoe Doubleday – Science
Libby Trainor Parker – Arts
Vivienne Chanana – Arts
Bel Ryan – Arts
Emily Gann – Arts
Rebecca Starling – Emerging Innovator
Becky Hirst FRSA – Emerging Innovator

Bel Ryan of Ignite Wellbeing Co is deeply passionate about harnessing the power of creativity to overcome adversity, minimise stress, reduce burnout, and ignite potential.

Bel is redefining the mental health landscape by seamlessly integrating art therapy techniques and creative explorations into large-scale events, including conferences, workplaces, and leadership initiatives. Blending traditional presentations with interactive artistic exercises is shifting the paradigm of keynote speaking and how art therapy is facilitated.

Participants express themselves creatively, reflect on their thoughts and emotions, and personally engage with the content. This immersive experience strengthens understanding and creates impactful, memorable insights that allows ownership of individuals personal growth and development.

With over two decades of professional experience in art therapy, counselling, facilitation, and mental health training mixed with her creative and experiential approaches, Bel provides a safe space to keep it real, express life and normalise humaning.