Behind the highlight reel

March 23, 2023

Often the highlight reel is shared but today I am getting real. I ask at my workshops – how are you? how are you really? and how do you know?

This morning all the signs were there that I needed something for me – the body was sore and lethargic, foggy brain and I felt like I couldn’t push through, concentrate or speak.

After a huge couple of weeks personally and professionally, the roller-coaster of life let itself be known today.

Once upon a time I wouldve pushed through but that is no longer an option. I pushed pause and went to the pool for some movement, fresh air, sun and water. And I feel like a new person and now can write the reports, attend meetings and function again.

I used to make excuses about why I couldn’t do things like this for self care but now know if I don’t take the time when I need it, it costs in so many ways – energy, mood, productivity, communicating effectively, enthusiasm, creativity, relationships and being able to embrace life.

Sure it means my work day is flipped around but the people I work with are better off for getting the energetic, passionate me rather than the tired, going through the motions, pushing through Bel.

I want to ask you – how are you? and how do you know?

some things to ponder..

How does your body feel? what’s is it telling you? how’s your posture and how you are moving?

How is your mind? thoughts, concentration, thinking, memory?

What is your communication like? buttons pushed, reactive, responding, connecting?

How have you showed up?

What emotions are here?

Hows your breath?

How would you describe your energy?

what vibe are you putting out?

and what do you need to do for you?