Becoming Unstuck

Professional Development
November 14, 2023

These photos from the SA Woman Australia Summit last week, capture the essence of what happens when I ‘speak’. The room participates – yes I am standing on the stage but its actually about interacting, reflecting and connecting to the content and one another that is powerful.

This interactive keynote was all about recognising all the balls that are being juggled in the ball pit of life and the importance of knowing which ones can be put down and those that need to held with care. We moved from stuckness and the sharing allowed each person to be seen, heard and acknowledged – what we all need in life.

I love the collective energy, the space to reflect, laugh, normalise experiences, express what you are holding onto and gaining clarity in what needs to happen for your mental health and wellbeing. Facilitating the room and seeing the ahhas unfold gives me the greatest pleasure.

Thankyou to Carly Thompson-Barry, Carly Lukacs, Kate Burr and the SA Woman community for a great day full of connection, information and embracing all of the things that make us human – it was a pleasure to share.

photography by Heidi Wolff