An important conversation.

Ignite Life
August 17, 2014

There is no doubt about the impact of the death of Robin Williams with a huge outpouring of grief .

Even though the majority of the world doesn’t actually know him personally, his infectious characters and unbelievable brilliance have touched us and it is very hard to comprehend that this has happened. We sometimes forget that those in the public eye or those that are hilarious can be in so much personal pain. When an event happens like this it taps into our own vulnerability and connects us to a place that realises that nobody is immune. I could go on for hours about this but will refrain, as I said in Ignite life last week there is so much that can go on inside us all and I hope that people can find sanctuary in a person that they trust.

One notable thing that has happened as a consequence of this tragedy is that a very important conversation has opened up. The discussion about depression as an illness is something that is long overdue and something that should no longer be swept under the carpet. The awareness is rising but what needs to be understood that a person suffering depression can’t just snap out of it – it is a deep deep sadness that can’t just be ‘fixed”.

My hope is that this conversation continues to be one that is familiar but also for us all to really genuinely aware of each other and stay close when there is isolation or darkness. We can get rapped up in our own little world but too many lives are lost due to this illness. Amanda Blair put it beautifully in yesterdays Adelaide Advertiser “Those of us left behind in the wake of grief will never truly understand how they went through with it, but by having more open dialogue before it happens, we can at least try to prevent it”