A very creative and unique brief with Credit Union SA

Ignite Life
February 20, 2023

The brief was to connect staff in the branches (six different locations including Pt Augusta), look at their wellbeing, reflect on their self care, give them tools and have them feel part of the larger organisation – all within 45 mins in their morning team meeting. Challenge accepted.

This creative process was also fun, informative, people were seen and heard, they got to know one another a bit more and acknowledge how they are.

Thanks to Steve Newman and the team at Credit Union SA for being early adopters (this was our first corporate workshop), jumping in and embracing the process where so much more was happening than making collaborative art.

I love this type of hands on process where staff are engaging, learning, resetting and connecting – and it is brilliant to facilitate something that is unique to what is needed for each organisation.

I have capacity for more teambuilding, wellbeing, living your values or self care workshops. Send me a message to have a chat about the possibilities. I look forward to seeing what we come up with together.