A ReNewday

Ignite Life | Professional Development
November 14, 2022

It’s not everyday that you go on stage with a bunch of pipe cleaners to guide the audience through a creative reflection on what they have experienced throughout the day. That is exactly what happened at Newday Leadership Summit – colours, shapes, twists and connections (and a few pipe cleaner sunglasses) gave voice to the many take away’s from this incredible day.

For me, a few things have been rumbling since. You know when something is said and it’s exactly what you needed to hear, this thought provoking, life informing day continues to have me ponder a lot about life, meaning and purpose.

Some highlights include…

The beautiful ochre ceremony and the importance of country by Jack B.

A reminder of the of holding light and dark, contemplation and play together.

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang spoke about us living in a world where we are never done – work and rest are not opposites they are partners, and the importance of deliberate rest and deep play. This one got in deep.

I loved how Jean Oelwang spoke about successful partnerships, with each person playing their role where they make a difference to the collective.

She also mentioned the importance of seeking help “you cant see the label from inside the jar” which was also reiterated with the powerful sharing from Katrina Webb-Denis PLY OAM and Magda Nenycz-Thiel around the importance reaching out to others when you are not okay.

The use of storytelling and the powerful impact of documentary film was evident with Damon Gameau as well the strong messages of taking responsibility to make a difference to the planet, humankind and our future

The beautiful energy and incredible story of Tashi Sherpa who literally climbs mountains in Nepal.

And final keynote by Darren Hill with his powerful spoken word. Since when did what is good for us become a chore, checking in with your beliefs, and the choices that you are willing to make to live the life you want summed up the threads of this insightful, impactful day.

There is so much more I could speak about – it is hard to capture in a few words. I was warmed to the core with the wonderful young people from youth opportunities taking me back to where it all began for my facilitation journey – Newday continues to speak volumes and has had an impact.

Thankyou to Katrina Webb-Denis PLY OAM, Matthew Wright-Simon and the Newday team for including me in this incredible day. I really appreciate your belief in the creative process being a space for some fun and powerful insights. Also huge thanks to Catherine Leo for capturing the moments of pipe cleaner explorations.