A missed opportunity…

Ignite Life
April 14, 2014

I has an interesting experience during the week that triggered something in me, in actual fact it razzed me up so much that every time I think about it that firey passion that has lead me to be an art therapist is fully present.

Let me give you a little bit of the story… I was lucky enough to be invited to lunch by a young person that has been participating in a cooking program that aims for disengaged youth to feel a sense of accomplishment. I was so stoked to be invited and juggled my day so I could be there as I knew how important being there was – this guy is stuck in a zone of self distruction, yet he has enormous potential and this program was a step for him (and others) to realise they have something to offer. The whole idea was to celebrate what he has achieved by having a special lunch that he catered, but the gloss was certainly taken away when some of the professionals saw it to play their usual disciplinarian roles, also inserting constant sarcastic insults throughout. And while this makes me incredibly angry that I could rant and rave, I could also go into the psychology of why this occurred but that is…blah blah blah. I want to focus on one thing and one thing only.

They missed an incredible opportunity to make someone feel good about themselves.

Too often are we caught up on our own world that we forget that something as simple as a compliment to another or a smile can really make a difference to someone else. It also benefits us as it makes us feel good. People remember the way you make them feel and the ripple effect of that is enormous.

These acts need to be genuine and are not about having anything in return. It is about bringing a little bit of sunshine into someones world – you never know what is going on for them, you might have given someone the only positive thing in their day or even made them feel like they are worth something.

So this week its all about random acts of kindness. Please take the time to say thankyou, smile, help someone out, say hello to a stranger, compliment them etc.

Do it because you can – it will make their day and I reckon you might just feel that little bit better yourself.

Lets make it a brilliant, making others feel good week