A big question being asked.

Ignite Life
January 25, 2016

injuredMany of you know that in a couple of weeks I am embarking on a challenge that is incredibly outside of my comfort zone. I am heading across the Tasman with 10 others to walk the queen charlotte track. And while I was expecting some revelations to occur while walking, it has already started.

A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t walk after one of our training sessions – I was in agony and wasn’t really ideal considering we were 4 weeks out. I had niggles previously but this was a deliberating I can’t really do anything type of issue – standing up was a challenge. It was incredibly worrying as I had spent my life savings to go on this soul searching adventure and at that point it wasn’t going to eventuate.

I went to the physio and he said I couldn’t do any walking – needed complete rest. Ummm this wasn’t in the plan and I am not ‘fit as a fiddle’ to just cruise to NZ and skip along the track with no worries at all. I really need to train and get my fitness up and this seemed like a bloody disaster. Along with having to get new boots (that need to be worn in) and a few other challenges, its as though there is a big test and a question being asked about whether I really want to go – even though No wasn’t really an option when ‘deciding’ whether to go.

It has certainly been affirmed that this hike does imitate life and here is the answer and many other questions like it.

Yep, it’s not ideal, yes these things can feel like they are going to tip you over the edge but and that’s a big BUT you need to find another way. You can still to achieve what you have set out to do (well lets hope so, will let you know in about 3 weeks!) it is about shifting focus to another way.

One of my favourite saying is ‘I am not going to say its easy, but I am going to say it is worth it’. Bring on the hard work and determination to get some fitness happening in another way. Enter the world of water aerobics and swimming – a new adventure in itself – I don’t even own bathers but don’t care (don’t worry no skinny dipping just leggings and a tshirt) as I am allowing space for whatever needs to happen to be in the best condition to tackle this adventure.

It certainly has been an interesting ride so far with a few comments from others about I can’t believe you would chose this, the joking laughs about me actually doing it, uncalled for lectures about my weight from professionals doing something else or the classic patronising gym/shop assistant who is just going through the motions as they think I am not serious about this.

Well let me tell you something, I am serious about this and the reality is that I have been called to do this. I can’t explain it but one thing is for sure – so far the focus I have sends a very strong message that I deserve to spend time on myself and working towards something so great is rewarding even if there are a few hurdles along the way.

I will find a way to navigate the challenges along this track and know that life is mirrored with every step. I am trying to avoid the word ‘journey’ but it does really seem to fit in this case as what happens along the way informs, gives insight and teaches in the most mysterious ways.