“The emphasis on mental health and wellbeing has never been more crucial, as is the importance of understanding how to support your team. The Wellbeing Mastermind Program, is a safe place to assist small business leaders and managers with real life scenarios to understand, increase skills and being more informed about mental health in your workplace. Our aim is to support you to have a positive impact on staff mental health and wellbeing as well as contribute to the creation of a resilient workplace culture.”

Bel Ryan, CEO of Ignite Wellbeing Co

Do you want to support your staff with their mental health but don’t know where to start? 

Delving into this space can be overwhelming, particularly if it’s unfamiliar territory.

That’s where our expert-led program comes in.

Our series of workshops are designed specifically for leaders of small and family businesses, providing them with the essential tools and strategies to not only manage their own wellbeing, but also to effectively support their team. Our work goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about nurturing a supportive workplace culture and empowering leaders for lasting success.

How do we achieve this?

Throughout engaging workshops, personalised mentoring, and practical mental health and wellbeing training, participants will acquire the tools and strategies to cultivate a healthy workplace culture.

Who is it run by?

The program is designed and led by Bel Ryan, a highly experienced clinician with over 20 years of expertise in areas such as facilitation, mental health training, art therapy and counselling. Bel will collaborate with expert facilitators to share their knowledge and tools throughout the series of workshops.

This initiative is proudly supported by the Government of South Australia’s Office for Small and Family Business. It addresses the recent finding reported in South Australia’s Small Business Strategy 2023 – 2030, revealing that 62% of small business owners feel like their mental health has been negatively impacted over the last 12 months and they aren’t necessarily equipped or trained to manage the mental health of their employees.

By joining this program you will:


Dedicate some time for you and your wellbeing, which is so important as you spend so much time looking out for others.


Understand why people maybe struggling or acting in a certain way.


Be shown practical skills in how to support your staff.


Connect, share, and normalise experiences in an inclusive space.


Improve and expand wellbeing initiatives in your workplace.


Get strategic about implementation of wellbeing strategies in your workplace.


Learn where to go to seek further help and resources.

Upcoming Events

Penola  SA

Tues 11th June 2024, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm ACST

Mt Gambier  SA

Thu 13th Jun 2024, 2.00pm – 5:00 pm ACST

Mt Gambier  SA

Thu 13th Jun 2024, 9:30 am – 12.30 pm ACST

Mental Health & Wellbeing Mastermind  – Six Session Series

Commencing Fri 28th Jun 2024.

Mitchell Park Sports and Community Club

Foundations of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Fri 28th Jun 2024.

Mitchell Park Sports and Community Club

Topics Include:

Are you ready to take action towards creating a happy, healthy and supportive work environment for all?

Register your interest for the complete Wellbeing Mastermind Program below. 

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Program is an initiative of the Government of South Australia’s Office for Small and Family Business and the South Australian Small Business Strategy 2023 – 2030.